投寄箱 is making a new push to win over business customers to its cloud-storage business. But its checkered history of security breaches may make it a tough sell in the enterprise.

投寄箱 said Wednesday that it has added single sign-on (SSO) capabilities to its storage service, matching a capability that its chief rival, Box.net, has offered for some time. 投寄箱 also decided to rename its “Dropbox for Teams” business service “投寄箱 for Business.” The added feature and a name change may not seem like much to hang the new marketing push on, but 投寄箱 clearly has high hopes of making inroads in the enterprise.

With the SSO feature, companies can set up 投寄箱 so that employees who sign into their corporate account will also be signed into 投寄箱,因此无需再次登录。该公司说’与Ping Identity,Okta,OneLogin,Centlify和Symplified合作。 Ping Identity和Okta还为Box提供SSO解决方案,Box于2011年与Ping Identity签约,以通过其PingFederate技术提供SSO功能。

投寄箱 doesn’只是与Box.net竞争,但是SugarSync,Google Drive,Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, and a host of smaller services. But it was 投寄箱 that Box CEO Aaron Levie skewered with an 愚人节’s Day prank. Why? Because Levie can see 投寄箱 in the rear-view mirror.

投寄箱’的庞大规模-它拥有1亿用户,其中6亿用户“work files” stored every work week, according to a spokeswoman — represents a threat. 投寄箱 counts users in 95 percent of Fortune 500 公司, according to Kevin Egan, the vice president of sales that 投寄箱 hired away from 营业额force.


It’目前尚不清楚有多少人实际将Dropbox用于商业目的-尽管可能并不重要。埃根说Dropbox’消费者领域的传统-当客户购买三星Galaxy S3或HTC One时,它已与HTC和三星签署了免费存储的合作伙伴协议,此外还与Yahoo Mail及其 购买邮箱 —意味着消费者进入工作场所后会成为传福音的人。

“数以百万计的人使用其工作电子邮件地址注册了《财富》 500强 companies,” Egan said. “而且我认为我们想要做的是允许他们保持自己的热情水平,但更多地接受IT,因此他们对控制和可见性拥有100%的信心。”

当然,机会是消费者迷上了免费产品。商业舞台’t. 投寄箱 users can get up to 2 GB of storage for free, with up to 18 GB after various referrals and promotions. For 投寄箱 for Business/Teams, the price remains $125 per user, per year.

然而,在2012年,联合创始人Arash Ferdowsi 告诉 经济学家 that only 4 percent of its users base were paying customers. That makes 投寄箱 look like the “we’一定要弥补”战略大行其道-最终 某人’s 要付钱吧?吸引公司客户可以弥补这一点。

Right now, 投寄箱 is asking what those corporate customers want. Tido Carriero, the lead engineer at 投寄箱 for Business, said future improvements could include things like making the 投寄箱 interface easier to use for large teams. “但就目前而言,SSO是他们’在我们耳边大喊” he said.


不幸的是,可能隐藏在某些人脑海中的可能是一对安全漏洞。在2011年,Dropbox意外地推动了代码更新,从而将错误引入了公司。’的身份验证机制,允许第三方登录用户帐户并访问文件。去年,其他网站上的黑客攻击使攻击者能够渗透Dropbox员工使用的帐户,包括一个他们可能已经从中获取电子邮件地址的文档。在八月份,这些电子邮件地址显然是 used to send 投寄箱 users spam.

Since then, 投寄箱 has added two-factor authentication, as well as a 最近的管理控制台 that can require two-factor authentication and monitor employee use, including restricting shared folders and links within the company. But 投寄箱 has been hurt by the lingering effects on its reputation.

“We haven’不能赢得交易-有些交易因此而导致我们未能赢得胜利,” Egan said. “Sometimes it’只是时间问题-更好地解释我们的安全协议,有时’这是与企业合作的问题,有时他们’离拥抱我们还有两年的时间。它’当然很难知道发生了什么,但是’对于许多IT管理员来说,这无疑是最重要的。”

If 投寄箱’战略奏效,那么下一个目标就是政府。 Carriero说该公司没有FIPS认证。它’s probably unlikely that the Pentagon would agree to use a cloud storage solution like 投寄箱. A smaller county or town might end up using the service, though.

Storage has become a commodity. Box.net is attempting, through partnerships, to allow as many companies as possible to do stuff with that data. That adds value. 投寄箱’购买Mailbox的方向正确,但至少在业务领域,它似乎仍在追逐Box。

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