Just days after 苹果 发布报告 that revealed it’公司没有比硅谷其他地区多样化 行政领导页面 在某种程度上可以吸引较低层级高管之间的更多差异。

苹果’现在,该网站的其他五名行政人员包括女性:环境计划副总裁丽莎·杰克逊(Lisa Jackson)和全球人力资源副总裁Denise Young-Smith。最近新增的都是向总裁蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)汇报的副总裁级高管。

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Cook mentioned both Jackson and Young-Smith as examples of diverse executives in a letter that accompanied its transparency report on Tuesday. 苹果 hired both women within the last year and a half, 9to5 Mac报告.

虽然他们’re in non-technical roles—men make up 80% of 苹果’的技术人员队伍-职位都是知名的,面向公众的工作。至少,它们使女性在男性主导的公司中更显眼。

苹果 is clearly making an effort to increase workplace diversity, at least the public perception of it. It’跟随着几家大型科技公司的趋势 承认他们有很多工作要做 在招聘非白人和男性人才方面。

Perhaps this brings us closer to the day when 苹果 will feature a female executive on stage at its annual WWDC meeting for the 第一次

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