可穿戴世界大会,读写’s signature annual conference in San Francisco on May 19-20, will feature the key players who are shaping wearable technology 和 the Internet of Things. This series profiles some of the experts who will be speaking at the conference.

Imagine this: You’re in the hospital, 和 your son is sick. His vitals are being recorded by various machines beeping 和 humming away. Your only way of understanding what’s happening is to wait for the doctor 和 nurses to make their way over to your room 和 interpret all of that data. 

Without the medical staff, you’re clueless, 和 stuck with the sinking feeling that something is wrong, 和 you don’t know what.

山姆ia 和 Walter de Brouwer know that feeling all too well. In 2011, their son was hospitalized for a year. The experience inspired the couple to learn everything they could about medical data, so they could eliminate that feeling of helplessness. 

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受医疗技术启发 星际迷航,夫妻俩成立了一家名为 Scanadu and invented a new device that could easily read a person’s vital health information 和 relay it in easy-to-understand terms. In advance of “Sam” de Brouwer’s panel discussion on connected health at 可穿戴世界大会 this month, I chatted with her about the company 和 its vision for connecting patients to medical information. 


从三重奏中获取线索 星际迷航,Scanadu创建了Scout,这是一个装有传感器的小型光盘,可以连接到用户’通过蓝牙的智能手机。 


被一个人抱住之后’s temple, the Scout can record 和 transmit useful biometric data that can be understood by anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a medical degree. Armed with knowledge, users can decide what to do next. 

Scanadu进入众筹网站 Indiegogo 在2013年,筹集了超过166万美元的认捐。现在,该公司正在履行这些订单,正在将单位发送给8,500个支持者。为集体完成了两轮融资 de Brouwers已以4,550万美元的价格获得美国食品药品监督管理局(FDA)的批准,将Scout及其尿液分析仪Scanaflo用于医疗用途。 


山姆 和 Walter 具有应对重大问题的经验。他们 有助于建立欧洲的“每个儿童基金会一台笔记本电脑,” with 山姆 serving as its Advocacy Director. She was also the Director of the National Institute for Teleworkers in Belgium, a member of MIT’s MediaLab’s Starlab team, 和 founder of Jobscape, one of the first online recruitment companies in Brussels. 除了在Scanadu的工作外,她还担任过 TEDx布鲁塞尔

Solving problems with technology is nothing new for 山姆. But when I spoke with her, it became clear that her company’不只是生意。它’s also personal. 

您是如何提出这个概念的 Scanadu?


Our goal is to make this the last generation to know so little about our health. By empowering people with information about their own bodies, we believe we can bridge the gap of information between the medical community 和 the people. 


我们着手创建一种受医学三阶启发的设备, 星际迷航. We set up our labs at NASA-Ames Research Center in 2011, unveiled our first prototype of the Scanadu Scout in late 2012, 和 during the summer of 2013 we held a record-breaking Indiegogo campaign.


Scanadu Scout units being manufactured, packaged, 和 sent to Indiegogo backers.

我们目前正在向Indiegogo支持者提供Scanadu Scout研究设备。这些支持者的反馈意见是我们可用性研究的重要组成部分,这将有助于我们开发最终的Scanadu Scout,以提交FDA批准。 

What is your ultimate goal for the company 和 the Scanadu Scout? When will the device launch in the retail market?

[Scout 和] Scanadu’s family of consumer medical tools can help people understand their personal health like never before, to not only improve conversations with our doctors, but take the fear out of medicine.

山姆 du Brouwer 和 Scanadu’的下一个设备,Scanaflo

The FDA process is very in-depth, but we’re committed to meeting the gold standard set by the FDA to ensure the device is accurate, universally accepted 和 trusted among both consumers 和 the medical community. We hope to be in market as soon as possible. 

To hear more from 山姆 de Brouwer 和 other innovators 和 experts, register for 2015年可穿戴世界大会,5月19日至20日在旧金山举行。

Photos courtesy of 山姆 de Brouwer and Scanadu