It’很难相信’s been a year since 葫芦 –NBC Universal和新闻集团之间的合资在线视频合资企业。–开始流式传输内容。经过几个月的期待和嘲讽的帮助,它的最初接收效果并不好。旧媒体公司试图加入YouTube?他们是认真的吗?

显然,他们是。快进到今天–该公司发布其私人测试版一年后– 和 you’ll hear a completely different story about 葫芦. How did we get here? 让’s take a look back at 葫芦’s first year.


News of the yet-unnamed 葫芦 began attracting attention in March of 2007 as the stealth project that proposed to bring two competing traditional media companies together to compete against the threat of new media. And things got even more interesting as they 与AOL,MSN,MySpace和Yahoo!合作 作为初始分销合作伙伴。

In June 2007, without a product or a name, 葫芦 was once again in the news as they 宣布任命Jason Kilar –经验丰富的Amazon.com老手– as the CEO who would bring 葫芦 to fruition.

对于Hulu感到不幸,基拉尔’s pedigree didn’放慢进攻。到了八月,很少的倒钩和批评变成了对这家刚起步的公司的侮辱激流。并宣布名字“Hulu” certainly didn’从整体上来说,这很重要,这一系列新的帖子在备受争议的,却鲜为人知的服务中取笑。


最终,在2007年10月该服务以私人Beta版出现时,我们– 和 many others – 印象深刻:

“Let’s be honest: there’对于Hulu来说,没有任何勇气或创新之处–整个项目实际上是相反的。大量媒体将其皇冠上的珠宝暴露在网上,因为它必须–就像他们希望的那样’t,这个互联网的东西是真实的。 葫芦投放市场的最初产品令人沮丧,令人鼓舞,但对于新的媒体世界而言却是可悲的。”

但是,它仍然具有发展势头。我们被允许提供 2500人使用私人Beta版, as were a number of other tech blogs. People were trying 葫芦. And they seemed to be liking it. So much so, in fact, that even in private beta, at the beginning of 2008, 葫芦 managed to walk away with the inaugural 脆饼奖“Best Video Site.”

最后,在今年三月,该服务 向美国公众开放 allowing US residents to get a glimpse of what 葫芦 had to offer.


A few months later, 葫芦 –尽管以美国为中心–迅速成为 最受欢迎的13个视频网站 并且每个月都在持续增长。

In July 2008, it became clear that the old guard had something that was even more valuable than well-produced content: business savvy. At that point, 葫芦 was projected to earn 大约9000万美元的收入 在第一年。

In September 2008, 葫芦 continued to roll when a 在线视频广告网络LiveRail的报告 透露“both YouTube 和 葫芦 could see roughly the same revenues in the U.S. this year.”


新的“New Media” Media Darling

And now, 葫芦 has transformed from its ugly-duckling beginnings to become a swan of a service, deserving of lengthy features 和 complimentary exposes in the likes of publications like 有线纽约时报.

In fact, 葫芦’持续出色的表现促使纽约时报指出:

“While 葫芦 was not the first site to serve up full-length television shows or create new advertising units, it now dominates the emerging market for ad-supported TV 和 movie streaming.”

No doubt, 葫芦 is on a roll. Their traffic numbers continue to prove it with September garnering them a “流量同比增长52.5%.”

But the icing on the cake for 葫芦? The US Presidential elections 和 the Saturday Night Live skits that poked fun at them. The “懒惰的星期日” effect that 推动YouTube进入公众意识 is reaping similar rewards for 葫芦 –谁真正拥有分发内容的权利– with Tina Fey’莎拉·佩林(Sarah Palin)的模仿有助于吸引 more visitors to 葫芦 than to the live late-night Saturday broadcasts.


It’s been quite a year for 葫芦 –而对于我们这些人而言,则涵盖了它的契合度,起点和成功。有了成功,他们’ve seen with the rockiest of launches, it will be extremely interesting to see what 葫芦 does in its second year. Long story short, people love 葫芦. Certainly, if its current momentum holds, the next year for 葫芦 will be far from a case of the “terrible twos.”